Taipei Municipal Datong High School was established in 1935 as a combined junior and senior high school. In 1968, concerned authorities implimented a nine-year compulsory education for all of Taiwan. This change made Datong a junior high school. 1992 found the normalization of education in junior high schools causing an elevating effect to senior high schools. To promote the balance and the universality of educational development, the concerned authorities changed the system of this school into a complete high school. That is, the senior high school was added to the junior high school. Datong High School returned to its origins of 1935 and became the first complete high school in the country.


The area of this school is about 63,332 square meters. The scheme of the campus blends Chinese traditional structure and Western European classical style. There are Long Chi (Dragon Pond), Feng Yuan (Phoenix Garden), Zhisheng Yuan (Confucius Garden), Zhicheng Yuan (Sincerity Garden), and Zhishan Yuan (Perfection Garden) on campus. The school building is magnificent and graceful. It provides the students with a great environment for study, while cultivating the students mind and developing a healthy personality. Datong was praised as the best school building of Taiwan by the association of architects in 1994.